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The Viaggi Difference

After almost 40 years of selling travel, Cruises International became one of the most experienced and successful agencies in the county. It only seemed logical that the next step would be to create a subsidiary company known as Viaggi, our “Host Agency” for supporting travel agents as independent contractors. Viaggi has recruited hundreds of “new to the industry” and “experienced” travel agents and because of our distinct ability to provide the best possible tools, training and support, their successes are numerous. The staff and support team at Viaggi, have one common goal and that is to insure that our independent contractors each receive the benefits and compensations that they had hoped for when they decided to join us. We work with them to maximize their abilities and strengths, and to beneficially use the tools we provide.

Viaggi has been described as a very dynamic and progressive company. With the Independent Contractor in mind, we continue to learn and grow, and work towards the perfect work/life balance. Due to our support team’s ever present engagement, the retention of our travel agents is at an all time high.

Expand Your World - Become a Travel Advisorexpand

If you like people, and you have a passion for travel, there is no better way to grow, and expand your world than to choose Travel as a career. It’s interesting and fun—and it helps people. They call it the “hospitality" business for a reason. Your job is to make people happy, and there isn’t a better feeling than that.

Aside from warm and fuzzy feelings, as a travel advisor you will be able to:

  • Be your own boss
  • Work from anywhere
  • Travel more
  • Set your own hours and compensation will be a generous COMMISSION on everything that you sell.


Enjoy Travel Perks

A good reason to become a travel advisor is to combine your passion for helping people with your passion for travel. As a travel advisor you can expect:

perks 2

  • Discounts and/or upgrades from Cruise Lines, Hotels, All Inclusive Resorts, Tours and more. The more travel that you personally experience, the easier it is to sell.
  • Familiarization trips, these are designed specifically for those in travel careers. Hotels, cruise lines, tour companies, etc. will offer heavily discounted or even complimentary trips to travel advisors so they can familiarize themselves with the product being sold.


The World is Your Office

Do you want to have a “laptop lifestyle”? One of the greatest benefits of being a travel advisor is that you don’t need a physical office, thanks to today’s digital world. You really can do your job and grow your business from anywhere in the world with a laptop and Wi-Fi connection.

There’s a ton of flexibility in this career choice so it can be a great option for many different types of people – parents with school aged children, newly retired professionals, and recent college grads.


Love Your Flexible Lifestyle

Because you are your own boss, you can choose your hours of operation based on your other responsibilities. You can work part time or full time, evenings and weekends…whatever works for you.

Technology also means greater convenience and flexibility for modern travel advisors. Work and personal schedules become much more flexible, adaptable, and convenient.


Join Our Team

It’s important to note: We are recruiting Travel Advisors as Independent Contractors.

This highly sought after opportunity is like owning your own business, except the difference is that YOU HAVE US to train, support and guide you all along the way.

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Get Started Now

Fill out the form below and connect with our Viaggi Advisors team to see if we are the right fit.